Parent Coaching

Being a parent is the hardest job there is and most of us don't receive training.

Adding parent support to your  village helps. 

I understand how difficult it can be to find the time to access support as a busy parent. My availability in non-standard hours and online formats will make accessing support not only doable, but convenient and straight-forward!  

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Preparing to be a Parent

Whether you are currently expecting or thinking about becoming a parent. There's so much you can do to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically to give your family the best start.

Common coaching questions are:

Is it the right time to start a family? How do I know if I am ready to have a child? What should my partner and I discuss beforehand? What can I do to be a "good parent"?

Postpartum Support

The first year is transformational. Becoming a parent is arguably one of the biggest changes one ever experiences and with change comes stress. From navigating feeding, sleeping, development, postpartum recovery, we can discuss it all. Participating in coaching after becoming a parent can help you connect with your child and reconnect with yourself and your partner, if applicable

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Raising Children

After you've figured out one part of parenting, your child's needs, wants, and behaviors change and develop leaving you puzzled all over again! Parenting can be rewarding and joyful but sometimes we lose sight in the relentless day to day and find ourselves stuck in unhelpful patterns.


Parent Coaching can address a variety of things including: unwanted behavior, sibling rivalry, communication barriers, and partner conflict related to parenting. We will focus on your connection to your child and how to raise your children in a respectful, effective way. 

Sessions are offered in person at a place of your choosing (in Dubai, UAE), over the phone, via Zoom, or over email- you choose depending on your needs and schedule! 

Have questions about any of the above mentioned services or don't see what you need? Contact Leilani at:   

The first 30 minute consultation is complimentary!