Coaching and mentoring for youth, ages 6-18,  can cover a wide range of goals. We will work together to meet your child and family's needs while also taking developmental level into consideration. Below is a list of common services provided for children and teenagers: 


Services for Children: 

  • Peer/Family Conflict Resolution ​

  • Interpersonal Skills/ Social Coaching 

  • Emotion Regulation & Stress Management Skills 

  • Confidence Coaching 

  • Time Management Skills 

  • ADHD/ ADD Coaching 

  • General Mentor Services 

  • Family Mediation 

Services for Teenagers: 

  • College & Career Coaching 

    • College Essay and Cover Letter Editing

  • Stress Management & Coping Skills 

  • Peer Conflict Resolution 

  • Family Conflict Resolution 

  • Organizational/Time Management Skills 

  • ADHD/ ADD Coaching 

  • Introduction to Healthy Food & Fitness Skills 

  • Social Coaching 

  • Confidence Coaching

    • decreasing anxious symptoms

  • Exploring Identity 

  • General Mentor Services

  • Family Mediation

Sessions are offered in person at a place of your choosing (in Dubai, UAE), over the phone, via Zoom, or over email- you choose depending on your needs and schedule! 

Have questions about any of the above mentioned services or don't see what you need? Contact Leilani at:   or book now 



The first 30 minute consultation is complimentary!