Top 5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Life Coach

Most of the time people don't seek help until they've hit an absolute low point and feel out of options. Maybe it's the stigma of receiving professional support, or a pride thing, or believing everything is fine... who knows. What I do know, is that seeking coaching, or therapy, or medication (whatever the needs are) at this point in the game makes the journey to wellness much, much longer. Not that you shouldn't seek support if you're at this point- you absolutely should- BUT (revolutionary idea coming up) what if everyone sought the support of a coach even when they're not in crisis?!

Here are my reasons why everyone everyone everyone can and should work with a Life Coach at some point in their lives:

1. We all hit rough patches

Your life doesn't need to be completely down in the dumps to benefit from working with a coach. We all have periods in life where things just aren't going our way. Or maybe they are going our way but something still doesn't feel right. Once we're in a rut, it can be hard to pull ourselves on our own.

No matter how big or small the rut, working with a life coach can help you move forward faster and in a safe, healthy way.

2. There's always room for improvement

Many times, there are one or two areas in our life (work, family relationships, social life, physical health, time management, confidence level, etc...) that we wish were going a little bit better. Perhaps you love your job but can't seem to figure out managing time outside of work. Maybe you and your partner make a great parenting team but would like to improve the communication in your relationship. The list goes on and on, balance is really hard and rarely are we fantastic in every aspect of our lives.

There is always room for improvement in some portion of your life and a life coach can help you optimize your strengths while finding increased balance and overall wellness.

3. We're your biggest fan

We see the best in you in times when you can't see it. When we're younger, in most cases, our parents act as our biggest fans. Circumstances change, parents pass away, we become more independent, parents back off, or maybe our parent's version of being our "biggest fan" isn't actually the most helpful. Regardless, it feels really good to have someone on your side and supporting you unconditionally.

A Life Coach will act as your biggest fan- providing unconditional acceptance while also pushing you to be your best self.

4. We aren't your friend

Friends and family can be great but, even still, they have their own lives they're trying to figure out, their own hurdles, and their own biases. A life coach provides a unique type of support that can't be found often in natural relationships. Since we have no personal connection or vested interest (other than to support you!) in your choices and lifestyle, we can act as your partner in seeing outside the box.

Life Coaches offer an objective perspective that will undoubtedly empower and guide you to reach your goals.

5. It feels good to feel good

Hopefully all of the above points have convinced you that working with a coach is not only useful but can be ideal in reaching goals, overcoming obstacles, and finding a more optimal balance in life. In short, whether you are facing the biggest crises of your life or you are just not quite content with certain aspects and want to improve your well-being, a Life Coach can help you find a better place.

Everyone deserves to live their best life and feel good about themselves, their work, and their relationships, working with a Life Coach can get you there.

Still skeptical? That's okay, you critical thinker you. Give it a try and let the experience persuade you. Contact me today at

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